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John's Story

John was a critical care nurse with over 12 years of experience in various critical care settings, from Cardiac Cath Labs and ICUs in Trauma centers around New England to CVICUs and SICUs within the Veterans Affairs healthcare system.

John was drawn into a holistic lifestyle in 2012 when he suffered some health issues related to traditional western medicine. Practicing as a nurse within the same system presented some challenges but John found this to be a great source of personal growth and continued to incorporate holistic and alternative therapies into his practice where he could. 

The birth of his first son was a pivotal point in his life and helped him prioritize what was important. Knowing that they wanted a certain lifestyle and valued self-sufficiency, John and his wife decided to follow their innate wisdom and moved from Massachusetts to Jackson, Maine where they now live on their homestead with their two sons. While seeking out a CFT practitioner for his youngest son in 2021, John was introduced to the power of CFT and exposed to the need for a CFT practitioner in Maine, where there was none.

Everything changed in late 2021 when John was given an opportunity to step away from critical care medicine in the hospital and pursue another modality of helping others heal holistically. This not only aligned with his personal beliefs and values but also afforded him more time to be with his family. When the opportunity to attend a Gillespie Approach CFT training came around, John dove at it and unknowingly changed his life forever.


Through learning Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, John has learned to connect with and follow the innate healing ability of the body through the craniosacral system and found his true passion for helping others.

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