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Here is what other people have said about their sessions with John and the power of intuitive craniosacral fascial therapy:

“John has treated my 4 year old twice.  I was so relieved to see his gentle nature combined with a masculine energy that provided firm support for my son.  He was easily able to set boundaries with John and move and play during treatment.  

I also have had two sessions and can attest to the safe and light filled (internal) space John creates.  He leads with his hands but his care is absolutely rooted in his heart.  After many years of chiropractic I had things release and move that I haven't felt possibly ever.  My personal results so far are better sleep, less anxiety and an ability to connect with my son in a more child-like way free of anxiety.  I look forward to more sessions in the Biddeford location."



I’ll start off by saying I’m incredibly grateful for the service John provides, he is truly meant to do this type of work and that’s obvious to anyone who gets to spend some time with him. I had initially began seeing him to help alleviate migraines, and the sessions helped not only with those but also made a huge impact on my overall general anxiety. I hold my stress in my neck and back, and every time I left the session I was relieved of pain and tightness I didn’t even notice I was holding on to in the first place because that state of being had just become “normal” for me.


Then this past spring I was involved in a major car accident that resulted in a pretty serious concussion. Of course, I knew I had to get into see him as soon as possible! As I began healing from the concussion my head felt extremely congested and I had minimal mobility in my neck, I couldn’t bend my head backwards at all without a lot of pain. After just 1 session the congestion and pressure was relieved and the pain in my neck was significantly reduced. After a few more sessions I started feeling back to my baseline, and was noticing improvements cognitively as well. I honestly don’t know where I would be in my healing journey without his help, and I am just so incredibly grateful for the time and space he holds for the people he works with.


We both really enjoyed meeting you and
talking with you. You have so much to offer your clients and we really appreciated that. Honestly, we had no idea what to expect from our sessions, but you made us feel relaxed and comfortable.
The sessions were great, you just moved our bodies according to what felt right and the releases we got especially in the neck area was amazing. We are looking forward to our next session to release even more.


First, I would like to say that having the
opportunity to work with John has left me
feeling grateful. He is easy to work with,
understanding, patient. Also, the fact that he
has and did travel to other destinations to
bring CFT has been nothing short of a
blessing. He is a wonderful practitioner and I
am grateful to have been able to get
CFT under his care.
I have only had a few sessions thus
far with many more to follow. It truly is difficult to explain in words how exactly CFT is done, however I think I can best describe my experience as if someone is helping you
stretch out. Sometimes it can be a little
uncomfortable (as far as the fascia is tight),
but overall I felt so good even just after my first session. I noticed I walked with more sway and wasn't so stiff. I could feel like my body was a little looser overall and didn't feel so bound together. It's such a safe and comfortable process and I have enjoyed it very much.
John also holds a space for you and makes you feel welcome. I can only imagine that more sessions will just continue to help me feel better and unwind. I know going in I wasn't sure what to expect however I just kept an open mind (which I think everyone should). It truly is something I honestly feel everyone should experience as we all have trauma that we could heal from.

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I appreciate you giving time to offer your feelings. Thank you!

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